One of my Private Training clients inspired me to make this gem of a breakfast daily and now it’s become a staple. I tend to eat breakfast around “lunchtime” and the Israeli Breakfast hits all the right spots with a good balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein. It’s colorful, textural, and delicious.

Lately I’ve been on a kick to eat at home or home-cooked food as much as possible and I had never made a “medium-boiled” egg. IT’S SO EASY! Boil water, place eggs in boiling water, time for exactly 6 minutes 15 seconds, remove and place in cool water. It works perfectly every time.

I replaced Pita Bread with Ezekial Bread to inhibit me from binge eating Pita doused in garlic and olive oil. Extra credit for home made hummus. You MUST have ZA’ATAR it’s simply the best collaboration of herbs and spices. ZA’ATAR makes the dish. I pick up a yummy brand imported from Palestine - The West Bank ( Whole Foods).

Israeli Breakfast

This breakfast will take you less than 10 minutes if you have all the Ingredients. Throw it together into a colorful arrangement, serve it to friends or to your lover in bed on a late weekend morning.


2 Soft Boiled Eggs

1 Slice Ezekial Bread Cut into fours

1/4 Sliced English Cucumber

2 Sliced medium Radishes

2 -5 Tbsp Original Hummus

A sprinkling of Za’atar