Keep these in the forefront in your mind and you can’t go wrong.

Recently I had to take a step back from my daily routine and CHECK MYSELF!   I was carrying around a lot of resentment, anger, anxiety, and extra body weight. After re-visiting a few daily “best practices”, I’ve experienced a 180 degree turnaround. My list comes from practices I’ve learned from friends, other trainers, coaches and positive influences. The list is simple, yet easy to forget. Keep these ten things in the forefront in your mind and you can’t go wrong.


Give more than you take.  Vampires are sexy but ultimately they drain your life. Do your absolute best to give more than you are extracting from people. Give 51% and only take 49%. Don’t overthink it - smile, make eye contact with, and thank the person taking your coffee order. Wish them a good day! Honor the relationship before the transaction. I became a trainer with the intent to help people first, and to share experiences through fitness and immersive travel. For me, being in the fitness world begins with the relationship. 

Surround yourself with positive influences. You don’t have to look far to find positive influences.  So many things come to mind.  My husband, clients, close friends, music, my hairstylist.  Think about people from the past and how they’ve contributed. You cannot hang out with negative people and expect a positive life. No offense meant to puppies or dog people - I’m obsessed with dogs but if you lay down with them, you get up with fleas. Remind yourself to thank people for being a positive influence - leading me to the next…

Practice gratitude.  Don’t take things for granted, especially the most basic things.  Our health for example - we take feeling normal for granted but when we are sick or have food poisoning we can’t wait to feel normal.  Enjoy the sunny days, and do your best to enjoy the rainy ones. I love a good sleep on a rainy day.

Obey the golden rule.  Treat people as you want to be treated.  Dig deeper than simply opening the door for someone or using “social grace”.  When someone stops at the top of the subway steps - blocking you from a quick underground commute - and you are so angry - consider skipping the angry part, perhaps the person is really exhausted, just had a hip replacement, or is totally turned around - I know even the best New Yorkers lose their bearings in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Empathy is a good substitute for anger. Get on someone else’s level for a brief second. We are fortunate - many people are not.  We have access to education, food, and overpriced coffee. PRACTICE EMPATHY.  Don’t be too quick to judge (I am so guilty of this). We really have no idea what other people are going through.

EXERCISE. MOVE. STRETCH. EVERY DAY!  Your body needs it.  Your joints need it. Your Brian needs it. Be active vs sedentary. Any exercise can be considered a success. The days when you just can’t pull it together to jump on the stair mill, grab your phone, call your mother, and go for a walk.

Eat real food.  Consume nutrient dense and whole foods.  Fully nourish you body and limit items that don’t serve you.  Forget about protein bars and processed shit. Greek yogurt and blueberries make a good substitution. Keep some nuts in your gym bag, grab a banana at the fruit stand on the corner. Go for minimally-processed real foods. No one is perfect and you’ll probably have a cookie on occasion. Enjoy it and get back on track!

Be a nice person.  Mean people suck.  It seems that ass-holes win, but it’s only a temporary win. Being mean takes a lot of effort and sometimes being nice takes effort too.   It’s okay to be an introvert, it’s okay to be an extrovert. Just don’t be a dick.

DO NOT BE A COMPLAINER.  No one cares.  Really they don’t - actually some people may be happy you have problems.  I’m not perfect, you aren’t perfect. We all have problems and that’s the truth.  We have luxury problems like having the wrong milk in coffee, or your seat warmers aren’t working, or you are stuck in traffic, or you had to walk from a parking spot far away to get to your treadmill at your luxury gym.  Stop complaining.

Don’t let the online version of you be more impressive than the real version of you.   Be better than your instagram, twitter, facebook, and linkedin page.  Is what you portray really you? Its it worth being “liked” by thousands of followers if your close circle thinks you suck? Be who you are, and be able to back yourself up.

Be a person you and others want to be around.  It’s mostly uncomfortable walking around with a stick up your ass.   Life is not a popularity contest, it’s a be a person others want to be around contest.  Be proud of your actions and invoke the best in people.

Life can be challenging and it’s easier to get swept up in a tornado that keeps you from being your best.  Avoid putting yourself into places and situations that bring out the worst in you. Be mindful about how you are living and practice some of the 10 things mentioned - please recycle and use less plastic too.