My husband brought this magic creamer home a few weeks ago and it is truly amazing. I’m a self proclaimed coffee addict and he knows that any coffee related gift makes me very happy.


I’ve accepted the modified “bulletproof style” intermittent fasting technique when this cream came into my life. It’s made with MCT, Protein, and MONKFRUIT as a sweetener. This cream is great for people wanting to prolong a their “break fast” (mine is currently between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m.). It’s also perfect for people working to eliminate sugars from their morning coffee, It’s dairy free, and it’s a bit yummy.

Super Creamer is actually a bit too sweet for me so one serving works for two or three cups of coffee. If you think it’s too sweet - USE LESS! A little creamer goes a long way. The small amount of fat will satiate you in-between meals.

This Cream is worth a try!